Massage Therapy at Fredericksburg Chiropractic

Fredericksburg Chiropractic is pleased to offer massage therapy as an additional method to achieve your health and wellness goals. We offer a number of massage techniques and practices, so that there is something appropriate for you no matter where you are on your health journey. Here are some of the more common treatments from Anya, our licensed massage therapist.

Swedish Massage

When you think about a traditional massage, it’s often the Swedish massage. It’s soothing, relaxing, and treats tension in your muscles. With a regular Swedish massage, you may experienced increased flexibility, greater range of motion, and you will notice less stress present in your body. During the massage, you will experience deep relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage

Incorporating hot stones into a Swedish massage will increase the stress relief and calming effect that you feel during a massage. It’s perfect for sore muscles.


Reflexology is a technique that massage therapist use to stimulate reflexes throughout the body, which clears congestion, increases circulation, and balances the whole body. This is one of our most popular treatments for its many health benefits.

Prenatal Massage

One of the most important times for a woman to get a massage is during pregnancy. A prenatal massage melts away the aches, pains, and discomforts that come with pregnancy soothing both mommy and baby. The benefits don’t end when you leave the massage table. You may experience increased circulation and decreased swelling and inflammation, which is so helpful to many women who experience swelling in their feet and ankles especially during pregnancy. Prenatal massage helps you sleep. It helps re-center you at a time when your center of gravity has shifted. Maybe you’ve experienced lower back pain from this shift, which massage therapy can help treat. For a complete list of Anya’s massage services, check out the massage appointment scheduling page: