Migraine treatment with Chiropractic Adjustments

Migraine headaches treatment through “Chiropractic Adjustment” is a unique and effective way  of treatment for both chronic and acute headaches. Chiropractic adjustment often helps to cure the headaches that are insidious in nature and patient finds relief in pain.  When a new patient comes into our office experiencing headaches, we start consultation with detail examination of the patient. This includes the questions aiming to get to the root of the migraine issue, passive and active cervical range of motion, and may include digital x-rays.

Migraine Headaches can be caused by 3 factors broken down into the following categories:

  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Nutrition
migraine headaches chiropractic treatment

Headaches due to Stress

Migraine Headaches are usually caused by stress. It is important to mitigate any stressors that are going on in the patient’s life to reduce painfulness migraines. The focal point of treatment is to remove or mitigate the stressors. These stressors  can range from work, school, and social pressures and can affect the health of a patient. One example study showed: “During the research observed that Nursing students have significantly more stress, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and stress-related illnesses than the general student body.” 1 The patient needs to address these on their own or seek a medical professional such as a psychiatrist to do so. Stress can cause a lot of tension and further complicate migraine headaches, this need to be confronted early on in the treatment.

Headaches due to Trauma

Trauma to the head or neck is often linked to migraines; however trauma to other areas of the spine and low back can also cause imbalances leading to migraines headaches. Postural imbalances, including pronation in the arch of a foot or unleveling in the pelvis, can translate all the way up to the cervical spine. A quick chiropractic examination of the patient can determine if there are postural imbalances in the spine. At Fredericksburg’s chiropractic adjustment centre, we examine the patient from the feet and go upwards to ensure we take a whole body approach to determine the underlying issues. A 2015 study concluded:

Migraine headaches treatment | Suboccipital Muscles“Those suffering migraine headaches had generalized pressure pain hypersensitivity in the cervical musculature in women with migraine.”2

We find using conservative chiropractic treatment coupled with modalities such as mechanical traction and electronic muscle stimulation are very effective at addressing such spinal musculature imbalances. When interference is removed from a dysfunctional joint the body is able to return to a normal state which is free of contracture. Contracted suboccipital muscles are very evident in many of our patients suffering migraines and the research shows a direct correlation to migraine headaches. Our chiropractic treatment plans are designed to address and relax hypersenstive cervical muscles.    

Headaches due to Nutrition

Nutrition is another commonly overlooked reason for both acute and chronic migraines. When considering food sensitivities in relation to acute and chronic migraines the gold standard is the “elimination diet”. We recommend our clients the Standard Process of 21 day purification program which is a complete reset for your body. After 21 days, it’s best to slowly reintroduce foods back into your diet and monitor your body’s behavior. This process helps to identify and assess, if anything may trigger a migraine headaches.  These foods are typically eliminated in a basic elimination diet:3 migraine-headaches-treatment-with-chiropractic-adjustments These foods are typically eliminated in a basic elimination diet:3
  • Corn
  • Gluten
  • Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Nightshades
  • Soy
  • Peanuts
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Sugar/artificial sweeteners
Also, check the list of 10 foods that fight with headaches. Sometimes using the food also helps to avoid migraine medications, that fight against headaches.   migraine headaches | 10 foods that fight with headaches   By addressing the common underlying issues of migraines (stress, trauma, and nutrition) we’ve had great success in helping our patients break free of acute and chronic migraine headaches. If you would like a chiropractic examination and to further review your migraine headaches symptoms contact Fredericksburg Chiropractic today.

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