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Treatments at Fredericksburg Chiropractic

Custom plans to fit your specific needs, and help you get out of pain fastest.

Adjusting Treatments

Dr. McKinney is very hands-on with his adjusting treatments. Common techniques used include Gonstead, Diversified, and Thompson. These are tried and true techniques which chiropractors have used for decades. Dr. McKinney couples these skills along with the latest research to provide the utmost care to his patients.

Non-adjusting Modalities:

Electric Stimulation- E-stim is administered at time to patients when they have very spastic muscles. The electrical impulses cause the muscles to repeatedly fire. These repeated muscular contractions in turn fatigue the muscles. When the muscles fatigue it allows them to relax from their prevoius state of contraction which often takes pressure off the nerves that are causing the felt pain. The relaxed muscles will also help the adjustment go smoother. The electrical stimulation is typically administered for 10 minutes prior to chiropractic treatments. Intersegmental Traction- or mechanical traction is often administered after an adjustment. The mechanical traction is a very simple way to aid in joint mobility. After the chiropractic adjustment the patient lays on an intersegmental traction table which rolls up and down the axial spine. The rolling action helps induce motion back into the spinal joints as the machine rises on its Y axis while traxtioning the spine on its X axis. Patients often describe the intersegmental traction table as a massage table.

Other Treatments:

Dr. James McKinney offers more than manual manipulation. He is very savvy with diet and nutrition for any dietary needs. Dr. McKinney also offers foot scans for custom orthotics. These 3D scans allow the doctor to asses the arches of patients feet using highly integrative software from foot levelers.
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